Barry's first day in the office.

Barry's first day of paid vacation.

Barry's first mission to Saturn.
Always a pleasure creating art for The Hawk in Paris. Download the new single here >>

In 2012 I created a children's book character named Archibald (named after my Great Grand Uncle). He was a chicken that liked to go on adventures - that same year I met with my friend Tony Hale (Arrested Development) who loved Archibald, so we decided to put together a team to create the book. We were lucky enough to have Tony Biaggne join the team and lend his amazingly creative mind to the story. Our publisher Boxing Clever Publishing joined us in 2013 and provided my Co-Illustrator Misty Manley to work full time designing the look and feel of the book while I provided the characters. This has been a crazy ride full of ups and downs but I couldn't be happier with what we have created together.

Archibald's Next Big Thing is the extraordinary adventure of an extra-ordinary chicken named Archibald Strutter. His three brothers and one sister have each found their "Big Thing" (including a brother chicken who impressively grows human hair) and the only Big Thing Archibald has planned is what he's eating for lunch. This all changes when he receives a mysterious blue card that reads "YOUR BIG THING IS HERE!" So, accompanied by a friendly bee named BEE, Archibald takes the card and heads off on a fantastic journey in hopes of finding his NEXT BIG THING. It's a story that reminds us that, while looking for the next big thing isn't a bad thing, we should always remember that big and beautiful things are all around us...right NOW.


An interview with Tony Hale, Tony Biaggne and myself about the creation of Archibald.

Teamed up with Epipheo to create this animated commercial for the InTouch Network. I supplied all of the illustrations, character design and visual assets. Enjoy!

I created a campaign called Save A Drink Save A Life with Blood:Water which focused on the fact that if each of us saved the cost of a daily drink we could collectively fund clean water projects in Africa. This was a fun and inventive project. I conceived the idea, created ads, a website plus tons of other collateral... I even designed a mobile app that you can use to track your progress. So far the campaign has been a great success raising over $70K for clean water!

You can find out more and even sign up to get involved at!