Teamed up with Epipheo to create this animated commercial for the InTouch Network. I supplied all of the illustrations, character design and visual assets. Enjoy!

I created a campaign called Save A Drink Save A Life with Blood:Water which focused on the fact that if each of us saved the cost of a daily drink we could collectively fund clean water projects in Africa. This was a fun and inventive project. I conceived the idea, created ads, a website plus tons of other collateral... I even designed a mobile app that you can use to track your progress. So far the campaign has been a great success raising over $70K for clean water!

You can find out more and even sign up to get involved at!

I had the pleasure of doing design & photography for THE HAWK IN PARIS' debut album "Freaks" - I'm a huge fan of these guys so it was an treat to work with them. Be sure to check out the music video below, It was so fun contributing to the concept.

Loved working with August York on their up-coming album!

^^ Have a listen to the single

Created this video with my pal It's my voice over debut!